style for the upcoming holidays

Call me crazy but I started thinking about what I'm gonna be wearing this upcoming holidays... And started checking online what I like *not what I can afford lol* and I totally fall in love with these pieces. What do you think? These stunning pieces are wayyyyy too expensive for my budget but I like … Continue reading style for the upcoming holidays

Shals Brand Ambassador

SHALS BRAND AMBASSADOR! Shals is a Montreal based Fashion Jewellery and Home Accessories Shop, showcasing a curated selection of Fashion Jewelry and Home Decor - Accessories with styles from chic, modern, classy, timeless and statement Fashion Jewellery and Accessories.

everyday Fall Style + Statement Necklace

First Style-is-Like Post Ever! Fall is one of my favourites seasons of the year and I love layering, adding chic boots and confortable pieces. With this first new post I wanted to show my very personal style, some how minimalist, casual, edgy without loosing my comfort... I like to call my style "Effortless Stunning Style". … Continue reading everyday Fall Style + Statement Necklace