I’m so proud to tell you I’m an official Shals Brand Ambassador a.k.a shals gal

Let me share with you about Shals, the Fashion Jewellery brand I’ve been working with in the past few months and I love it!

Shals is a Montreal based Fashion Jewellery and Home-Decor Accessories Shop showcasing a curated selection of Fashion Jewelry and Home Decor Accessories with styles from chic, modern, classy, timeless, trendy and statement pieces offering exceptional quality and proving luxury  pieces can be affordable.

I personally started this project because I believe woman showcases her individuality through not only her choice of outfits, but also her selection of jewelry.


Right now the e-shop is under construction and I’m looking forward to launch it very soon ♥
Any inquiries about the Jewellery please send me an e-mail to styleislike@gmail.com or if it’s better for you send me a message via the Facebook-Page @styleislike and/or Direct-Message on Instagram @styleislike.

* Living in Montreal Area and would like to see the featured items?
I would be more than pleased to meet up with you and show you the jewellery collection without any compromise, please send me an email or connect via the social networks FB @styleislike and/or IG @styleisle ♥
Ella Necklaces “Fall Statements” $35 CA *Montreal Area*

Dainty Hearts Bracelets: 14KT GF with Opal Stone $55 CA [ Handmade with love] 
All bracelets are 6″ long with 1.5″ extension
 Heart Bracelet $55 CA [14K GF – Natural Opal Stone ] [ Handmade with love ] All bracelets are 6″ long with 1.5″ extension  | Long Dainty Necklace $22 CA [ Fashion Jewellery ]

Black and Golden Shades Necklace – *Montreal Area*
Silver Shades Earrings | Fashion Jewellery $22 CA *Montreal Area*



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